Gifts for Tandem Bicycle Riders & All Cyclists

Gifts for Tandem Bicycle Riders for any occasion, or no occasion, from Jay and Szifra for your cyclist friends:

Silica Gear Wipes
Gear Wipes
Chain Lube for tandem bicycles
Chain Lube
Helmut mirror increases safety on Tandem bikes
Helmet Mirror
In Tandem for all cyclists!

Gifts forTandem bike riders that don’t suck. We really do use these products. Yes, we include our book because it is contains practical tandem information, plus tandem relationship insights for all partnerships.

  • In Tandem: Pedaling Through Midlife on a Bicycle Built for Two (maybe we should call it relationship lube…) I wrote this book with Szifra to better understand our own relationship and share what we learned together through riding a Tandem Bicycle for thousands of miles together. There are lots of tandem references citing tandems as the “divorce” bike, but any experience in life can be seen as divorce-inducing – or relationship-building. This book is about tandem riding, and the sometimes hard pedaling that leads to relationship-BUILDING.

  • Silica Gear Wipes Gear Wipe Singles, 12 pack – SILCA These one-per-pack wipes are really convenient on the road but they are also ingenious. Each side is slightly different – a bit textured on one side to remove stuck-on grease, wax, tar etc. And smoother on the other side for general cleaning. They come in a shop-size container or in these individual packets. Nice orange smell, excellent at cleaning your hands and without drying them out.

  • Silica Chain Lube SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Quieter than any chain lube I’ve used. Very easy to switch from oil to wax chain lube. This is a drip application that is slipperier than oil based, doesn’t need to be heated like most wax, and “sets up” quickly. Comes out on top of many tests for low resistance. Our chains now last 3 to 4 times as long and the gear “tattoos” clean up easier. Initial prep of the chain takes a little patience, but is very doable. We’ve paid for the wax many times over in fewer chain replacements.

  • Third Eye Pro Helmet Bicycle Mirror I use this small mirror to keep my view of the road as unobstructed as possible and with no weight. I find it easy to move my head to get a complete view back. Heating the base with a hairdryer allows you to shape it to the curves of your helmet. I’ve used these for thousands of miles before needing replacements. One out of six used on various helmets has gotten wobbly at the ball joint. Pushing the pieces together has stabilized it. Occasionally some black tape has helped augment the sticky back. The relative flimsy design seems to protect against “grabbing” the ground in case of an accident – as tested by this team.

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